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Scholarships of exemption are scholarships awarded to Congolese students under an agreement that was signed on December 04th, 2002, in the field of higher education between the Government of the Republic of Congo and the Government of Quebec.

Under this Agreement, the Government of Quebec awards scholarships to Congolese student in the form of an in-state tuition instead of out of state tuition, thus allowing Congolese students to benefit from the same status as their Québécois students. Through this agreement, Congolese students studying in Quebecois universities pay the same university fees as their Canadian counterparts.


These are the documents required in order to apply for a Scholarship of Exemption in Quebec, Canada:

  • A letter certifying that that the student is enrolled in an accredited university in the province of Quebec;
  • Copies of original transcripts. Applicants who have just graduated from high school will need to provide transcripts of their last academic year in high school ;
  • 2 completed and signed application forms of Scholarship of Exemption obtained through the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Congo to the United States of America, Canada and Mexico;
  • A signed and typewritten request addressed to the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo in which the student states his intention to apply for a scholarship of exemption. This letter should include the student's full name, a calendar date, a residential address, an email, and a telephone number in Canada or outside Canada ;
  • A photocopy of the student's Congolese passport. The first three pages of the congolese passport are enough for proof of citizenship.

The student can scan their application and then send them to us through our email address at : info@ambacongo-us.org. The student may also send his application through the post office at the following address:

Embassy of the Republic of Congo
Department of Scholarship Exemption
1720 16th Street , NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Once received, the applications are forwarded to the Ministry of Higher Education in Quebec, which ultimately selects the beneficiaries. The Embassy of the Republic of Congo has no say in the selection of the candidates. Not all applications necessarily lead to an awarded scholarship.


The deadlines for submitting applications are as follows:

  • Fall semester: May 02nd of each year;
  • Winter and Summer semester: November 03rd of each year.